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Flower Gifting – The Dos and Don’ts



Birthdays are special and gift is the tricky part of it. The custom of gifting flowers has been a tradition in Thailand and other parts of the world. However, gifting flowers or bouquets has tons of different meanings. Each type of flower represents certain moods and emotions and therefore choosing the right flower as a gift becomes confusing. The color combinations also play an important role hence deciding the perfect colors also becomes somewhat difficult.

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Flower Habit – Weekly Flower Subscription

Why you’ll love it….

You’ll save time, big time!
You’ll enjoy fresh flowers whenever you want them.
The only way to replace a vase of fresh flowers is to make sure that they stay fresh & all you have to do is to choose your package and state your choices, then sit back and leave the rest to us.

Flowers repeat imprint flower habit.

It is our pleasure to assist you,

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ป้าแดง​ เธอชอบศิลปะและการจัดดอกไม้เป็นชิวิตจิตใจ​ และพร้อมจะถ่ายทอดสู่ผู้ที่รักและสนใจในความงามของศิลปะแห่งดอกไม้ทุกๆคน

Welcome back!!!

Today is our very experienced lovely Aunty Daeng (Pa Daeng) . She loves flower arrangements and  teaching flower art. She is arranging a big garden bouquet with all ease. she twists and swirls the stems inside her arms .It is a visual sight indeed!! Enjoy Aunt Daengs’s enthusiasm and energy.

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Hello....... We share the floral language. Stay safe and keep up the morale. We hope to entertain you in your homes with blogs ranging from basic to advanced arrangements and creations. Decorate your home, share with your loved ones -send us product code - and we guarantee sanitary and risk-free deliveries, to your door step. Enjoy Gold Petal and we hope to see you again soon.


DIY’s Requirement

We assure safe delivery

  1. Pink avalanche Roses 7 Thb 350
  2. Eucalyptus 1big branch Thb 100
  3. Babybreath 250 gas Thb 150
  4. Vase (clear or bohemian) -Thb 800….can be any of your choice


THB 600…Without Vase


**DIY’s Requirement**

We assure safe delivery

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