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Sunflower – The Yellow Sun

Shine Like the Sun

In Ancient Greece, there was a nymph called Clytie. She fell in love with Apollo, the Sun God. Unfortunately, he did not acknowledge her love and affection. Every day she saw the sun riding in a chariot from east to west. She prayed and prayed looking at the sun continuously for 9 days and on the 9th day she was transformed into a sunflower which turns towards the sun and constantly looked up and swayed in the direction of the sun so she could always be with the Sun God.

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Flower Gifting – The Dos and Don’ts



Birthdays are special and gift is the tricky part of it. The custom of gifting flowers has been a tradition in Thailand and other parts of the world. However, gifting flowers or bouquets has tons of different meanings. Each type of flower represents certain moods and emotions and therefore choosing the right flower as a gift becomes confusing. The color combinations also play an important role hence deciding the perfect colors also becomes somewhat difficult.

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Flower Habit – Weekly Flower Subscription

Why you’ll love it….

You’ll save time, big time!
You’ll enjoy fresh flowers whenever you want them.
The only way to replace a vase of fresh flowers is to make sure that they stay fresh & all you have to do is to choose your package and state your choices, then sit back and leave the rest to us.

Flowers repeat imprint flower habit.

It is our pleasure to assist you,

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