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Flower Gifting – The Dos and Don’ts

Flower Gifting – The Dos and Don’ts



Birthdays are special and gift is the tricky part of it. The custom of gifting flowers has been a tradition in Thailand and other parts of the world. However, gifting flowers or bouquets has tons of different meanings. Each type of flower represents certain moods and emotions and therefore choosing the right flower as a gift becomes confusing. The color combinations also play an important role hence deciding the perfect colors also becomes somewhat difficult. This is where GP Flowers helps you and guides you to choose the perfect gift for the ones you care about.

We believe that each zodiac sign has a certain relation to particular colors and types of flowers. The perfect type of flowers brings health and happiness to the person.


perfect flower gift for aries

Aries have a natural sense to lead. Parallel to Aries is being bright, energetic, and positive as the flowers-daisies and daffodils. Daffodils and daisies are a symbol of hope and affection. GP Flowers suggest you a bunch of yellow daisies or daffodils in a combination of thistles or honeysuckle as a perfect floral gift to Aries. They need a bunch Dazzling and full of energy.
Our choice for Aries born (March 21-April 20)
Fire orange exploring to red flowers along with daisies and eryngiums which belong to thistles Or The bold scarlet Red bunch of roses, tulips.

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