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Flower Habit – Weekly Flower Subscription

Flower Habit – Weekly Flower Subscription

Why you’ll love it….

You’ll save time, big time!
You’ll enjoy fresh flowers whenever you want them.
The only way to replace a vase of fresh flowers is to make sure that they stay fresh & all you have to do is to choose your package and state your choices, then sit back and leave the rest to us.

Flowers repeat imprint flower habit.

It is our pleasure to assist you, to share with you our latest trends, to share with you the best quality & introduce the finest choices.
We are a peoples’ flower shop & we provide the best, we strive to fill your home with flowers & nurture your flower habit.
It’s beautiful, it’s fresh, it inspires & it kindles.
So come along & make your choices as spirited & as joyful; may it be bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Subscribe to a dynamic package where we serve at your convenience.
Your first delivery will come with a free glass vase and superior nutritional substrate to maintain your flowers fresh for over a week.
Enjoy this season’s gift of flowers; a hand-picked delight, the best mix of your choice.
Choose your plan.
What’s next?


Flower Mix / Baht 1200

A floral cocktail. We mix seasonal flowers and special choices creating a new design every week. The first delivery comes with a vase and in each delivery a flower-food sachet. With every bunch, we assure a new trend & sweetness.

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A Choice of Your Own / Baht 1600

subscription flowers

Guaranteed to impress. We choose the finest & follow your every liking, from flowers to tones – it’s as you’ll say.
It’s modern, It’s elegant, every time.

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Luxury / Baht 2500

Luxury Flower subscription

Fashioned in a ceramic or a curative vase with specially selected seasonal flowers.
Innovation in your slice of quality.

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How are we unique?

Modern designs, smooth tones & fresh flowers. Your flowers come from our farms & associate farms. We believe in our customers.
We are keen to receive your comments, we customize & we improve as you require, our origins are not economic but rather of a genuine & floral passion.
Passion is the origin of Kunming Goldpetal Farm & GP Flower store is our dream.
If cost-effectiveness is your question, we have the solution.
A dynamic schedule is a part of our policy, your needs become ours;
Pause your package whenever you wish & resume at your pleasure.
Flowers may be perishable but our conduct is not.
We stand ready to serve you.

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