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Sunflower – The Yellow Sun

Sunflower – The Yellow Sun

Shine Like the Sun

In Ancient Greece, there was a nymph called Clytie. She fell in love with Apollo, the Sun God. Unfortunately, he did not acknowledge her love and affection. Every day she saw the sun riding in a chariot from east to west. She prayed and prayed looking at the sun continuously for 9 days and on the 9th day she was transformed into a sunflower which turns towards the sun and constantly looked up and swayed in the direction of the sun so she could always be with the Sun God. “The long summer days shall she spend forever in fearless worship of the god of her love! And to this day, does she gaze, with devotion and sincerity, on the face of the sun, her love.”

Sunflowers stand for unwavering faith and loyalty.

Shine bright like a sunflower!

Sunflowers are for strong will and determination
Sunflowers are for admiration and loyalty.
Sunflowers are positivity and strength.

Sunflower brings joy.
Sunflowers bring good luck and joy.
Sunflower vase to a new beginning, fresh day, new job, new business, and a new house
Sunflowers for graduation

Buy for yourself, gift sunflowers, and spread hope, peace, and joy. 🌻☀️


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