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Why Flowers are the Best Gift?

Why Flowers are the Best Gift?

Seeing a bloom is joy; seeing a bunch of blooms is bliss!

All flowers, regardless of their short life span, articulate multitudes of deepest emotions in the most elegant
approach. Flowers are, at best, the only gifts that radiate happiness to both the giver and the receiver. Our minds define emotions depending on the color of the bloom, the Type of the bloom, and how it has been arranged. Any occasion is for giving flowers. Whether it is happiness, joy, affection, appreciation, love, romance, sympathy, or grief flowers are the best choices to gift. Flowers convey a positive energy, reduce your pain and sorrow, It lightens loneliness. It boosts your mood. We are simply used to the language of flowers. As with any other origin of traditions, we do not know its origin, we speak the language of flowers for centuries and in every culture. Universe has ascertained flowers as the best gift, with their varieties and availabilities whether it’s winter, spring, autumn, or summer, you always have flowers to gift.


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Instant Happiness

Have you felt truly elated when received a bunch of flowers?
Yes! A beautiful bunch of flowers makes people happy, so quickly get those flowers to your house and working places. A scientifically proven fact is that flowers are one of the organic elixirs to happiness! Believe it or not, flowers can be an instant mood lifter. When you have a positive reflection on flowers, happy brain chemicals trigger feelings of bonding. It diverts you to its colors and shape. A beautiful bunch of flowers draw your focus in whole and soften your emotions.

Gratitude is a flower that blooms noble souls

Flowers are a great sign of appreciation and gratitude Flowers are used to send messages from time immemorial. It dated back to the Victorian era, the time of complexities in terms of communication, Floragraphy, dated back to Victorians is interesting for its colors and numbers. You can never go wrong with a bouquet of pink flowers, full bloom roses, a bunch of peach flowers, or 12 full bloom roses, it’s a note of appreciation, gratitude, affection, and kindness. One leads to another and no way anyone can go wrong. Flowers save the giver’s time and boost the recipient’s morale.

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Work in Harmony

Flowers are art at your home or your workplace. Flowers are the fairies of nature, hence no wonder it enhances your cognitive skills, improve your attention span, and help to complete your task on time. Flowers in your hands reach to get you closer to nature. Floral arrangements at your workplace stimulate your brain cells, energize your senses and of most, it brings a smile. It works simply as that, everyone enjoys the smell of flowers and many flowers are therapeutic for the stress at work. Flowers on your table make people around you happier and bring them closer to you. It makes you special even when you are home alone.

GP Flowers work closely on promoting flower habit, our mission on weekly flower deliveries to your homes and workplaces. It’s more than an art, a necessity to your soul.

Flowers speak louder
Flowers speak what you cannot express yourself. May it be unconditional love, love at first sight, love forever, good health, get well wishes, sympathy, or apology, and flowers communicate well. There is no strict rule about flowers and occasions. On somebody’s loss, favorite flowers are a solace. Flowers articulate themselves. In GP Flowers we are trying to not assort and pack flowers to a specific meaning. We want our flower arrangements to voice out our emotions. Sunflowers, lilies, and chrysanthemums speak volumes when they are on their own. They have quite an effective and overt personality of their own yet they blend along with other hues, and tones and take a shape to sing yet another tune. Only flowers can speak this way.

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Delicacy for Eyes!

Humans are attracted to the aesthetic beauty of flowers. Flowers are a multi-sensory experience that includes colors, smell, and texture. The primary effect is always its colors. These embodied aesthetics work towards enhancing positive emotions. Flowers have a strong visual component. Flowers activate the visual part, and it slips down the influence on our sensory-motor, viscera-motor, and affective cerebral circuits. visual treats leave an autobiographical memory of your interaction with them. Flowers trigger your sensory system and connect to your blissful experiences and positive occasions. Flowers spread a calm and soothing effect within you. It evokes the feeling of hope, feeling of joy, feeling loved, and console you in your sorrows. This is the reason flowers are predominant in romantic occasions, cultural celebrations, and also in grief. Now it’s easier to relate flowers with valentines and weddings, isn’t it?
Beyond vision, flowers stimulate your smell, movement, and sensation. visual treats leave an autobiographical memory of your interaction with them. This is the reason flowers are predominant in romantic occasions and cultural celebrations. Now it’s easier to relate flowers with valentines and weddings, isn’t it?

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Flowers for your Health

Spend on a bouquet or a basket that gifts a positive emotional environment that leads to your mental and physical health.

Flowers and humans share a special relationship. Albeit flowers do not provide physical sustenance, humans are strangely attracted to flowers. Beyond the visual treat, flowers have a magic spell on us. The composite elements of flowers such as color, smell, and pattern of petals which are in a repeated pattern, stamp a familiarity to our brain, calm our nerves and also activate our brain. Thus the ease of recognition and familiarity created in human brains may stimulate your emotions and improve your mood. The aesthetic experience you gain out of flowers enhances pleasant stimulation of the brain which connects to positive social experience and the human brain retains this feeling much longer. The thought of a flower thus bringing a smile and a bunch of flowers in hand is a positive image of nature. Flowers make people happy and calm, it generates gentleness. Flowers improve your abstract characteristics. A flower is simple, direct, and open and its simple equation promote us to follow its pattern.
A flower can be held: It has a good smell: It is delicate: And it needs care. All of these create a physical embodied relation with the flower and lead to spiritual uplift. Hence, Flowers are always the best gift.

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